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Welcome to the African American Youth Development (AAYD) Research Lab!

Although many of the factors contributing to youth development are the same for all youth, there may be distinct factors that relate to the successful development of African American youth. Using culturally-relevant conceptual and theoretical frameworks, the African American Youth Development (AAYD) Research Lab explores the ways in which families, schools, and communities influence positive development among African American youth (educational-related outcomes; psychological adjustment; health behaviors). Given that these influential factors and underlying processes may vary across the life-span, the AAYD Lab examines these relationships within the larger developmental context (e.g., pre-adolescence, adolescence; emerging adulthood).

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AAYD Research Lab
University of South Carolina
Department of Psychology
554 Barnwell College,
Columbia, SC 29208
Lab Phone: (803) 777 - 6981
AAYD Research Lab
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Shamika Martin
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